Friday, June 24, 2005

Cut And Run To New York

President Bush assured Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari "…there are not going to be any timetables…" for withdrawal of American troops.

To most normal people, this makes perfect sense. As any reasonable person can tell you, setting a date for withdrawal is one of the most idiotic ideas anyone could come up with while we are at war. I prefer to use the WWJD method – What Would Jihadists Do?

Bush said setting a timetable for withdrawal would only prompt the insurgents to "…wait us out." This is what the WWJD method would predict. Why should these barbarians blow themselves up if they can just wait until, say, October of 2006, when the Americans depart Iraq? After the Americans are gone, they can just resume their attacks and destroy the country.
President Bush said "The enemy's goal is to drive us out of Iraq before the Iraqis have established a secure democratic government. They will not succeed." Now, I know this statement is quite confusing. Is Bush is referring to the Democrats, or is he referring to the terrorists. That brings up an interesting point.

The Democrats, and their hippie allies, are calling for us to surrender in defeat. They want us to surrender to the terrorists in Iraq, and they want to us leave Iraq in disgrace like we did in Vietnam. That sounds an awful lot like what the terrorists want from us. I am quite sure that Osama (if he is not too busy with his kidney dialysis) would love to see us cut and run from Iraq. What a victory for the enemy.

Imagine what would happen if we cut and run like the Democrats want. Instead of the terrorists blowing up cars and buildings in Iraq, they would blow up cars and buildings in New York, Denver, and Seattle (to name a few cities).

For those of you who do not believe this would happen, just take a minute and think about it. Where else in on this good Earth are we fighting the terrorists? Afghanistan? Yes, but that place is pretty much lost to them. Where else after that? Not many (although there are a few spots) other places on this planet. Therefore, with Americans out of Iraq, the terrorists will have a few extra people to place around the world. Where would be a good place to strike next in their quest to hurt America? New York still has a few sky scrapers left.

So, we see we have two options. The first option is to retreat from Iraq. This will cause Iraq to fall, it will give the terrorists a great victory (they were able to defeat the only superpower in the world), and it will free up the terrorists to pursue new victims (such as Americans in our big cities). The other option is to stay in Iraq until we have either defeated the terrorists, or we have secured Iraq enough that it can deal with them itself. For Democrats, that is truly a very tough decision.

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