Thursday, June 30, 2005

Canada And Medicine

We must be more like Europe and Canada. For, as we all know, they know the best way to do most things in life. In fact, we should begin this necessary journey by adopting the superior healthcare system model that is currently working in Europe and Canada. It is called government-run healthcare, or universal healthcare. Senator Kerry (who served in Vietnam) made universal health care one of the promises in his campaign.

Unfortunately for Kerry (who served in Vietnam), the Supreme Court of Canada ended a law in Quebec that banned private health insurance for services covered under Medicare. Medicare, of course, is Canada’s government-run healthcare system.

This ruling means that Quebec residents can pay privately for their medical services instead of waiting in line for medical treatment. The court explained in its opinion that, "Access to a waiting list is not access to health care…"

How did this major defeat for liberalism come about? Jacques Chaoulli, a Canadian doctor, challenged the constitutionality of the ban on private payment for medical treatment. In addition, the long lines and the inefficient bureaucracy that Canada has for a healthcare system was endangering people’s health because they could not get the treatment they needed in time. Some of the problems with the system also included a shortage of diagnostic equipment and restrictions to the latest therapies, including new medicines.

Why is this important to us here in America? Why should we be worried about the Canadian government-run healthcare system that deprives people of their medical treatment needs and endangers the lives of those who are forced to use the system? Because that is what Senator Kerry (who served in Vietnam) and Senator Hilary RODHAM Clinton want for us. In fact, that is what the Democratic Party wants for us. They want a primitive system that does not serve the needs of the consumers.

Why is it important that the government-run healthcare system in Canada could be (at least to a degree) a thing of the past? This Canadian fiasco is positive proof that the government should never run a healthcare system. It is inefficient, it is slow, it is primitive, it is inferior to the free market system, and it costs way too much. I do not see why any rational and enlightened person would want such a system.

By the way, I will let you in on a little secret. The reason Kerry (who served in Vietnam) and his fellow liberals want government run health care is because they want more control over your life. Pure and simple.

Canada, a grand socialists society, has quite a problem on its hands. One of the main pillars of socialism is collapsing at the seams, and the only way to fix it is (gasp) private health care. That is what America has right now! And though it is not perfect, at least we are not killing our patients in waiting rooms while the doctor fills out government forms.

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