Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Child?

Does anyone ever fear that we are missing opportunities to learn about other people and what they wish to accomplish in their lives? Does anyone here ever worry that people are being kept out of our sight, and that because of that, we will never really get to know them? Michael Duffy seems to think so.

Mr. Duffy seems to think that we are treating the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay Prison in an un-American way. We should, instead, learn about these people. Here is what this kind hearted man said about the 20th hijacker, who was captured, in the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack that killed over 3,000 people:

As horrible as it would be to do what he did -- was prepared to do -- he's a weirdly innocent guy. He don't... He asked, for example, his captors whether the planets revolve around the sun. He wants to know about dinosaurs and how they died and what they were. He clearly has no knowledge of where Cuba is. He thinks it might be in Florida. He isn't exactly sure where Florida is, either. He has very -- almost no understanding of the United States, or the US government or the Constitution or the Bible or Christianity. He's - he's childlike, uh, in his -- ignorant in an oddly 18th Century way. So, you know, that emerges that -- that -- that that the hijackers -- 19 of whom have died and we'll never really get to know -- were children. Children who have been, you know, uh, convinced that this was a good way to spend their time, and not very, uhhh -- and he comes off that way.

(Sniff, sniff) It just touches my heart. My goodness, we will never know those other 19. Never! The things we could have learned, the dreams we could have shared. I could have learned so much from those 19. I could have learned about their goals in life as they prepared the knife to saw off my head in front of a video-camera. (Sniff, sniff) Just touching.

I think Mr. Duffy ties it up best in his own words:

I don't feel sorry for them. It's the implication here that we somehow, you know, feel sorry for them. I don't know where that comes from.

The reality is that this innocent, childlike, 20th terrorist would have just loved to run a Boeing 767 into Mr. Duffy’s house if it had been a target. If this innocent, childlike terrorist had had his way, Mr. Duffy would be dead right now. Pure and simple.

Of course, being the innocent, childlike man that this 20th murderer is, the press just can not seem to understand who the enemy is. You know, I believe that a lot of the terrorists who kill our brave soldiers in Iraq are childlike. They are so simple that they cannot see that killing themselves brings them nothing (except a rather terrible afterlife).

But, the liberal lie machine and the liberals themselves just love these terrorists. Why else would they be trying to shut down the military prisons? Why else would they want us to leave Iraq early so that these innocent, childlike barbarians can take over that country?
It is truly amazing to me that the liberals in this country have allied themselves with the barbarians in the Middle East. It is odd, because, if the terrorists had the chance, those very same innocent, childlike barbarians would stab the liberals who love them in the back (or worse). Interesting bedfellows.

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