Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Europe Voted

Europe is, without a doubt, the heaven on Earth for our elitist friends, the Democrats. Being of superior mind and judgment, the Left knows that we lowly Americans must strive to be like Europe. We must become unified, cultural, diversified, like the Europeans are. Thus, it has come as a most disturbing shock to the Left in this country that the mentally and morally superior Europeans have rejected, for the time being, one of the key elements of the Left’s ultimate goal of one world government.

This has come at a most disastrous time for our friends, the Left. They were hoping, after decades of talk and the cutting down of far too many trees to write the (at one point) 852 page Constitution of the European Union, that the Left in Europe would finally be able to do away with that foolish notion of national sovereignty.

But, alas, the Left, as usual, has lost this battle, for the time being. But do not panic you obscenely rich multi-millionaire liberals in the overwhelmingly liberal town of Aspen, Colorado. Europe will try this again soon.

Why, however, did the Europeans do such an action? In the great words of one of our most treasonous presidents, FDR, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” FDR, in that statement, gave us the reason for Europe’s rejection of the constitution.

Fear is what characterizes Europe right now. There are two main cases of fear that brought down the constitution in both France and the Netherlands. In both cases though, it was the same basic fear.

The first case of fear came from the socialist side (the Left). The Constitution would have opened up the borders of France and the Netherlands (and all the other countries for that matter) to foreign competition. This evil idea, born in Britain and perfected in the Great Satan, would have ended the socialistic society in these Western European countries (from their point of view).

The second case of fear came from the conservative side (Note: it appears that the conservatives in Europe are not quite the same type of conservatives as we have here in America. They are more like Libertarians from what my research shows). The conservatives in Europe feared that the constitution would dissolve national sovereignty and replace (for instance) France with Europe. It would have created a large national sovereignty surrender not unlike (though without the military conquests part) of the Roman or Greek Empires.

This whole point brings up another issue that must be addressed. Are the elitist in Europe as out of touch in Europe as they are in America? It would appear so. Any time you see the Left and the Right (no matter what Western republic you are talking about) working together to oppose something, you know that whoever instigated the idea in the first place simply should remain at the university they teach at. The elitists in Europe, as in America, simply do not understand society. And when you have France defeating the elitist’s idea by a 55% majority, and the Netherlands defeating them by 63%, obviously someone up in the Ivy Tower is out of touch.

Like I said before, this just goes to show you that the elitist Left, no matter what country you are talking about, just cannot come up with ideas that will win in the public arena. Of course, if the Democrats were in France, they would just take the vote to the U.S. court system and have the courts overrule the vote because it does not comply with a law in Thailand. That, however, is another story for another day.

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