Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Future

I have talked about my optimism for the conservative movement in America. My belief is that this movement, grounded in the ideals of freedom, equality, and self-motivation, is poised to be in the forefront of American politics for many decades to come. As a philosophy, the conservative movement is still very young. Most consider the modern conservative movement to have gained the majority rule when President Ronald Reagan took the office of the presidency.

I would like to address the topic of college students and the conservative movement. As many of you know, college professors (and high school teachers) are likely to be liberals. Though this is not a crime, many times professors will add a little political spice to their lectures where it is inappropriate. It is at this point that these professors become activists, giving a political tirade to a captive audience. Now before I go on, I wish to say that there are many excellent teachers and professors out in the field. Three of my community college professors fit into this category. One in particular (my accounting professor) is the best professor any student could wish to have in a class. All three of these professors keep their political views to themselves in the classroom. In fact, I have no clue as to the political orientation of one of the three. This is how it should be in the academic world. Unfortunately, it is not always so with professors.

What about the professors who become left wing activists in front of students? What is to be done with these professors? In my opinion, the best thing to do is to expose them. Such was the case with Sean Allen of Aurora, Colorado. Sean produced proof positive that exposed his geography teacher as abusing his privilege to teach the young kids in his class. Ward Churchill of the University of Colorado at the People’s Republic of Boulder was also exposed, though not quite in the same way. Students must take the lead and begin to alert the school officials to these teachers. Unfortunately, many times academia will not take actions against such abuses of power by teachers and will subsequently dismiss students who alerted them to such situations. When that point is reached, it is the duty of the student and the family to take more drastic measures, such as alerting the news media to such incidences of unnecessary politics in the classroom.

Of course, this sounds all fine and dandy, but will it work? Will students really stand up for what they believe at the risk of a grade in the class? I have to admit, this would be difficult even for me. A good portion of my self-esteem comes from straight A’s in my classes (there are other activities, of course ☺). However, when push comes to shove, I believe most conservative students would address the issue. If not directly in front of the professor, in other ways such as alerting the proper school authorities to such grievances.

It can be done. The conservative movement has come so far in the past decades. It has grown from a significant minority with no voice or power into the majority political force in the nation. The conservative movement has broken down the stronghold of the liberal media. It has beaten back many of the unrelenting attacks of communism in disguise (socialism). Conservatives now have a voice in nearly all aspects of the culture. Academia is one of the last spider-holes of liberal dominance with no conservative outlet. Along with many other conservatives, I believe we are beginning to see the slow erosion of that monopoly in the form of students taking a stand. All movements start out small and isolated as in the cases of Professor Ward Churchill, Professor John Daly, and Jay Bennish. However, these cases show that some students are willing to stand up to liberals. When young people see others doing something, it is much easier to follow suit. These instances will no doubt embolden conservative students to insist on fair and balanced school lectures and studies. These instances will, in time, create a movement in the academia to chip away at this last bastion of the liberal monopoly.

Another fine lesson from Conservative Textbook.

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