Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rock The Vote At Rock Bottom

And so ends Rock The Vote. Rock The Vote, a political action group dedicated to registering high school seniors and college students to vote, is just about bankrupt at this current point. Now that seems like a tragedy until you consider what Rock The Vote stood for when it came to how those young voters should vote. Rock The Vote was basically a liberal-voter registration aimed at recruiting young voters who did nothing but party and get them to vote on election days for those candidates who were worthy of the youth vote – liberals. This is evidenced not only by their website’s themes (tax cuts for the rich chatter) but also by the organizations they supported. Of particular interest was when Rock The Vote joined with AARP to attack Social Security reform, even though the majority of the youth vote supported Social Security reform.

Rock the Vote's fundraising fell by 22% in 2003 to $1.3 million. The group spent $1.66 million the same year, ending $241,000 in debt. Rock The Vote is currently $700,000 in debt and has been sued for the second time in less than a year. The financial tale at Rock The Vote for the past few years has been nothing but poor management, poor revenue, and expensive parties. Now, don’t get me wrong. I want my fellow youth to vote. It’s good for the country. However, I am in no way upset about the passing of Rock The Vote and its liberal ideologies.

Perhaps someone should attempt to try something similar to Rock The Vote again. This new organization would also aim for the hoodie and flip-flop clad American youth vote. However, this organization should stay away from endorsing particular candidates and philosophies. Instead of teaming up with (sorry, but I have to say it) the old folks and going against Social Security reform that will benefit the youth, this new organization should be neutral and spend its time registering voters and not promoting liberal ideals.

and some new What ever happens, there is no doubt that Rock The Vote is very near death currently and very likely won’t survive for the 2008 elections unless someone jump-starts Rock The Vote with cash. With lawsuits pending against the organization, mounting accounts payable credits (accounting lingo for debts), and only two employees, that jump-start will need to be soon. If not, someone else will have to take up the liberal flag and register the hoodie and flip-flop clad American youth vote. In the mean time, I have to head to American Eagle and buy a new hoodieflip-flops (I got this coupon in the mail from AE, so now I feel I should buy something, LOL).

Another fine lesson from Conservative Textbook.

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