Saturday, December 17, 2005

Selective Tolerance

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I have discussed this topic so many times it is not even fun anymore. However I feel as though it is my duty to continue to pound this issue in the hopes of opening peoples’ eyes to the realization that liberals are, without a doubt, some of the most intolerant people on the planet.

Columnist Ann Coulter recently spoke to students at the University of Connecticut. As is customary at a university, a group of liberal college students gathered to protest this conservative speaker. While Coulter was giving her speech, these enlightened and intelligent liberals screamed “you suck, you suck” and other less than civilized comments. Eventually the ruckus became so intolerable that Coulter simply ended her speech and began a Q&A session.

The question now becomes, how does this demonstrate diversity of opinions and tolerance on the part of the Left? As we all know, diversity and tolerance are the crown jewels of liberalism. How does this picture of Coulter being shut up fit into that picture? In fact, how does the intimidation of Rebecca Beach, food being thrown at Mr. David Horowitz, and Ward Churchill at the University of Colorado at the People’s Republic of Boulder play into all this? The answer is quite simple – selective tolerance.

Selective tolerance is the idea that we can tolerate everyone’s opinion, except those opinions that don’t agree with our opinion. At first glance, this seems ludicrous. At second glance, this seems even more ludicrous and intolerant on the part of the tolerant liberals. In fact, this proves that liberals are indeed not tolerant to any opinions that go against their cherished ideals of big government, little personal freedom, and a bill of rights for terrorists.

On the other hand, we have conservatives. These people tend to be characterized as racists, bigots, stupid, and worst of all, intolerant. However, upon closer look, when was the last time you ever saw conservatives at a university shouting down a tolerant liberal? I honestly can’t think of a single incidence. Believe me, I would have heard of one if one had occurred. You see, Coulter and the University of Connecticut are not reported in the news. But if we had a conservative group shout down a pundit from Air America (the liberal radio network that steals money from children), the media would proclaim it louder than Howard Dean can scream.

Of course, that again shows how liberals are tolerant of all opinions except those that disagree with their opinions. You see, since the media tends to be run by liberals, it is natural for liberals to be able to get away with shouting down Coulter; it would never be natural for conservatives to be able to get away with shouting down a liberal. That again is another example of selective tolerance.

As I have said countless times, it just goes to show you that liberals are very tolerant of those who don’t disagree with them. Of course, they are not tolerant of those who do not agree with them. Selective tolerance sums it up nicely.

Another fine lesson from the Conservative Textbook.

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