Saturday, October 08, 2005

They're Coming Out!

September 21st was a day that liberals should have praised. A demographic that does not get much representation was able to express their views, to the dismay of the ruling class that has been oppressing them for years.

Unfortunately, this demographic is vehemently despised by the liberals, who claim to stand up for the rights of all (read liberal) people. This demographic is best known by the name conservative college students. The day was the first National Conservative Coming Out Day. And this event occurred on over 30 campuses, including Indiana State University, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Cornell University just to name a few.

Why should we have such a day on college campuses, the centers of tolerance and openness in the world? Because universities (for the most part) are not quite as tolerant as one might expect. In fact, universities are some of the most intolerant, closed-minded, dogmatic institutions in the world (seconded only by the liberal blogosphere in fact).

The president of the Indiana State College Republicans, Jonathan Moore, said "coming out" day was important because conservative students often feel outnumbered and intimidated (I wonder how such tolerant people like liberals could come across that way?). But don’t take my word for it (although you know should); just listen to what others had to say:

"National Conservative Coming Out Day was an excellent opportunity to show the Michigan State University campus that there are conservatives on campus and we are proud of who we are," said Justine Ivanoff.

"Many students are afraid to identify themselves as conservative on campus because the political environment is so hostile to conservative ideas," said national CLP director Steve Stockman in a press release. "Conservative students are often intimidated by the documented liberal bias of professors and administrators."

Odd isn’t it that we never hear from the media about how the views of conservative students in our universities are never heard, but we do hear about how hard it is for liberal students to get their views heard in the Republic of Boulder, Colorado (for those of you outside of the Republic of Boulder, that town is around 90% liberal).

And yet people claim there is no liberal biased media, that universities are centers of free speech, and the usual menu of liberal slogans.

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