Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Liberal Dream!

The redistribution of wealth is a way to create equality in America. If we were to tax the rich to take away their obscenely large pocketbooks, and give the money to the poor, we would not have three classes in America. Instead of having the rich, the middle class, and the poor, we would have the universal middle class. Right?

Not quite. In theory, it works. In theory, it would probably be a wonderful scheme for our nation and world. But in reality, the idea of wealth redistribution is far from achievable.

This idea is a staple of liberal thought though. But, here is an idea. Let’s try it just for grins. And I know the perfect place to experiment with wealth redistribution.

I’m looking at college right now for next year. Colleges, even government run institutions, are quite expensive. However, I’m looking at going to a private college, Colorado Christian University (for a degree in finance). Therefore, I am quite aware of the high costs of some institutions.

What would happen, however, if Harvard decided to redistribute some of its obscenely fat pocketbook to help Colorado Christian University (CCU) bring down its tuition costs? That would be nice. Since CCU is not as wealthy as Harvard, it only seems “liberal” to bring Harvard’s wealth down and CCU’s wealth up so as to make the two colleges equal in abilities.

But why stop there? Why don’t we have all the colleges in America do this? Let’s have all the wealthy colleges donate their funds to the “less fortunate” colleges in America so that EVERYONE is equal. I mean, isn’t equality a liberal ideal?

Let’s not stop there. Why should some colleges get government funding and others not? That is “class warfare” right there against the public and private institutions. Everyone should be equal. So, it’s only fair to either give ALL colleges in America state funding, or have no college in America funded by the government.

When you think about it, you have to wonder where the liberals have been. There is a type of “class warfare” in academia between the rich and poor colleges, the state and private colleges. We must bring those barriers down! We must make all the colleges equal so no one has an advantage against the other. It’s so liberal; I wonder why liberals haven’t thought about it already.

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