Thursday, August 18, 2005

Good One

Well, finally someone put Matt Lauer in his place. Mr. Lauer, from the Today Show, took a surprise vacation to Iraq not long ago. He had decided to investigate a very strange phenomena – high morale in Iraq among the U.S. military.

Mr. Lauer, braver than the average reporter since he (I have to admit) dared to leave his plush hotel and report what was actually going on in Iraq, met up with Captain Sherman Powell.

Matt Lauer quickly discovered that morale was indeed high in Iraq.

Perplexed (I’m sure), he continued, "Don't get me wrong, I think you're probably telling the truth, but there might be a lot of people at home wondering how that could be possible with the conditions you're facing and with the insurgent attacks you're facing. "

Captain Powell next responded to Matt Lauer with an answer that even I (in my infinite wisdom and knowledge) could not have done better, "Well sir, I'd tell you, if I got my news from the newspapers also I'd be pretty depressed as well!"

As any teenager would say, “Darnit Lauer, that sucks.”

I can only imagine the look on Lauer’s face. What an answer!

Now, let us take a tad bit closer of a look at this little exchange. First, I would like to point out something that Lauer said, “Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re probably telling the truth…” What is wrong with that sentence? Reporters, you see, think everyone who is not a liberal is always lying. Though he skated by it, Lauer almost called Powell a liar in that sentence. Now, as we all know, Powell must have been lying, for no soldier is his or her right mind would ever be proud of what they are doing in Iraq. I mean, how can they, Jane Fonda is not.

Powell stated what I have been saying (and most other conservatives) for a long time. Newspapers, especially the primary papers like The New York Times, Washington Post, etc, are biased so far to the left in most cases that they portray the War in Iraq with disgust. Therefore, when the soldiers take time out of their day to read those rags, they find that the way Iraq is presented is quite depressing.

Powell said it quite elegantly. And though I know Lauer will not change his position, the American people cannot help but notice what Captain Powell said.

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