Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ambassador Bolton

Hello everyone, it’s Uncle Rico. I just finished downloading a new CD on my iPod and heard about John Bolton being nominated as the ambassador to the U.N. Right on! We need a strong leader to make drastic reforms at the United Nations, and a diplomat who will advance America’s interests too.

Upon hearing of Bolton’s appointment, I thought that the Liberals in the Congress had voted; then I realized that Congress was in recess. As it turns out, President Bush named John Bolton “to the post” on Monday, August 1, without Senate confirmation. Do not think President Bush is breaking constitutional rules. There have been many previous Presidents who have made recess appointments. There were 140 recess appointments in President Clinton’s two terms. Two hundred forty-three appointments recess appointments were made in President Reagan’s two terms. President John F. Kennedy (1961), President Dwight Eisenhower (1953), and President George Washington (1795) all made recess appointments. So do not make a claim that President Bush is the only President to do so.

It’s about time that Bolton was given the job. It’s been five months since Bolton was nominated. Some Liberals are taking this pretty hard after filibustering Bolton’s nomination. John Bolton had up to 55 Senate votes if an up or down vote count had been allowed to take place. As usual the Democrats brought false accusations against Bolton, a conservative who desires to advance America’s interests.

The Associated Press stated the Democrats thought Bolton lacked the diplomatic skills needed to advance America’s interests and improve America’s image abroad. Well, I, Uncle Rico believe the Senate Democrats have done more than their share of damaging America’s image but that is another topic.

Senator Kennedy said that the appointment was “shameful and irresponsible.” Senator Harry Reid said, “Bolton is flawed and weakened.” Senator Obama said that Bolton is a man who “bullies and undermines those who disagree with him.” There are those who do like President Bush’s move on making John Bolton the ambassador to the U.N. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist stated “The President did the right thing by sending Mr. Bolton to the U.N. He is a smart, principled and straightforward candidate, and will represent the President and America well on the world stage.” I could not have put it better myself Mr. Frist.

So in closing, Ambassador Bolton will make an excellent ambassador to the U.N. He will advance peace, liberty and human rights for all countries. He will promote American values and interests. It is my hope he will make drastic changes to the corrupted bureaucracy present at the UN. My steak is getting cold so until my next article, see ya.

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