Saturday, October 29, 2005

Why A Conservative (Part 2)

Why does the conservative movement work? Why, after years and years of socialism, indoctrination, and the fear of change, did the conservative movement overcome all odds to become the mainstream of the United States? Why did it usurp an ideal known as liberalism that was so well in place that many had given up on the ability of it to be removed?

The conservative movement has taken the lead in the United States for one reason. That reason can be simplified down to a single word that has resonated with the heart and mind of not only the United States, but of every single human being on the planet to one degree or another. The word is individual.

As humans, we want to be different from others, though many times we try the exact opposite. We want to be unique, ourselves, to be known and to be recognizable. Though you may argue this, all it takes is to look inside yourself and ask what you would rather be – a person or a number.

The conservative movement is based on the ideal that the individual knows how best to direct his or her life. This ideal is the basis for capitalism, conservatism, and America. The idea that the individual should have control over his or her life is one of the safest ideas that man has ever invented.

The idea of the individual enforces limited government. This is obvious to the honest observer. If the individual has significant authority over his or her life, then the government has no right to intrude when it is unnecessary. Conservatism, therefore, is the natural defender of human rights since it is based on the individual.

If individuals have control over their lives, that means they have control over their accomplishments. It is only right, therefore, for people to have the opportunity to make something of themselves, to improve themselves, and to better their lives for themselves, their families, and generations to come. Of course, this directly results in unequal outcome for everyone. Those who work hard are rewarded; those who do nothing to improve their position receive nothing.

Perhaps the most obvious reason, however, that conservatism is triumphing over liberalism is the fact that the two ideologies coexist in the world.

While conservatism cares for the individual and allows freedom to pursue what the individual believes is right, liberalism refuses this right. Liberalism believes that the government, not the individual, has the final authority over the decisions of the individual. Of course, this is not a surprise, because liberalism believes people are too foolish and uninformed to make the important decisions, so the government and the elites should “instruct” the masses on how to function in life.

Of course, this is why liberals distain the idea of conservatism – they can’t handle the thought of people being able to better themselves. Instead, they dream of a world where the government calls all the shots, and no one is better off than anyone else. In communist/socialist societies, it is the goal of the government elites to have everyone end up equal. Of course, it is difficult to make everyone rich (any economist will tell you it is impossible for reasons I am very aware of but will not discuss here). Therefore, instead of distributing the wealth, liberals distribute misery and poverty.

If you don’t believe me, just look at liberal countries such as the former Soviet Union, North Korea, China (although to some degree China is allowing conservative principles to enter the country, though whether or not it will last remains to be seen), France, Germany, and most of the other European countries (it is a fact that Europe is far below the U.S. in standard of living, happiness, and the ability to get a job).

That is why the conservative movement works. Conservatism believes in the individual rather than the masses, freedom rather than restriction, rewarded effort rather than mediocre equality. Is it any wonder conservatism is winning in the arena of ideas?

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