Friday, September 02, 2005

Big Money

The far Left wing of the Democratic Party is quite out-of-touch with reality. The far Left wing is convinced of many things that are just not true. Some of these include: everyone in the military is forced to be there, the public schools are right-wing conservative brainwashing centers, and the mainstream media is unbiased or right leaning.

Today I would like to focus in on the mainstream media. This entity includes, but is not limited to, The New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, and the usual suspects.

Now, this is all fine and good. I believe BOTH sides should be able to speak their minds (if the Left embraced that idea, we would probably not be in the brutal name calling situation that we find ourselves in). That is why, unlike the Left, I don’t want CNN to be shut down (although the far Left wing wants FOX News shut down).

But, it appears there might be a genuine threat on the horizon. The guy who looks out for the poor, billionaire George Soros, is up to his dirty tricks again. A group of at least 80 wealthy Democrat supporters each pledged to put up at least $200,000 a year for five years that will raise $200 million dollars to invest in "a network of think tanks and advocacy groups."

Now, whenever you have a team of George Soros, big money, and Democrats, you are going to have a threat to freedom. Anyone who is at least somewhat open-minded knows that Democrats don’t care about the freedom of the press. They care instead about controlling the press.

The big problem with Democrats is they don’t understand who they are. I have surmised, over the last two years of watching politics, that the Democrats don’t understand what they are. They honestly believe that they are moderates. They are the moderates, the far Left wing is slightly left, and anyone right of the Democrat from Arizona, John McCain, is a conservative extremist. Therefore, when they see that some of the media (such as radio and FOX News) are not far left wing (or moderate in their eyes), they cry out in agony at the “conservative extremist” message that is being sent out.

That is why obscenely wealthy George Soros, who obviously has nothing better to spend his obscenely fat pocketbook on, is going to “buy” liberal think tanks. Will he succeed? Probably. Will he win in the end? I doubt it, because his liberal think tanks are going to be nothing more than clones, which are part of the losing far Left wing of the Democratic Party.

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