Friday, July 22, 2005

Uncle Rico and the US Supreme Court

A Note From Caleb:

My readers, you are in for, what I believe, is a special treat. Today, and I hope for many months to come, we will be hearing from my new partner on my blog, Uncle Rico (is he really going to keep that name? LOL) Uncle Rico and I will be trading off with the writing. I will write an article one week, he will write one the next week, and so on and so forth.

The reason I have done this, of course, is because lately I have not had the time to update the blog. Therefore, Uncle Rico is going to let a ton of pressure off my back by updating every other week. This is still my blog though so do keep coming back. I will always be here, but now you’ll just get another opinion to read. Happy reading.

Your favorite 17-year-old Macintosh user,

Uncle Rico:

There is clearly a double standard when comparing the Democrats vs. the Republicans. Whether the double standard deals with the media, filibusters, electing judicial nominees, or even in the portrayal of President Bush, the Republicans are given the short end of the stick. The most recent case on the double standard deals with the replacement of a justice on the US Supreme Court. The Democrats plea they want a justice who will serve the needs of America; therefore they scornfully tell the President to nominate a moderate or else… Sounds like they want to control the federal government.

Let’s further examine the Democrats and their liberal friends’ tactics. After Justice O’Connor’s retirement announcement, People for the American Way blasted 400,000 e-mails to its groupies. The e-mail instructed the groupies to contact their US senators and demand a moderate justice as O’Connor’s replacement. Senators such as Kennedy, Schumer, and Salazar verbally warned the President to pick a justice that represents America, or be prepared for a fight.

Well, I say, let the Republicans don the gloves and fight. President Bush has the possibility of nominating 3 justices to the US Supreme Court. These are lifetime appointments and greatly influence every citizen in America. Do you remember reading in your history book about the Dred Scott case which contributed to the Civil War? More recently, remember the Kelo v. City of New London decision? In this decision, the government has the right to take your property for the “good” of the community.

Every citizen must become educated on the importance of the role of federal judges.

As Conservatives, we must demand strict constructions interpretation of the Constitution. We must stop our judges from legislating from their benches. We must demand our judges to follow the U.S. Constitution and not the culture or their personal views.

Tuesday night, President Bush nominated Judge John Roberts. Most conservatives appear to agree with his judicial principles. Let us hope that the Republican track record for nominating justices has changed. Republican presidents nominated seven of the nine present justices. Yet only 3 of the 9 are solid conservatives. Let’s hope Judge John Roberts stays true to his record and does not drift to the Left. Let us hope common sense and a strict interpretation of our Constitution will prevail in the US Supreme Court. Let us hope that the US Republicans will stand firm and support Judge John Roberts. Like I said earlier, let the judicial review begin.

!Uncle Rico!

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